Corporate Learning & Development
Gamified Solutions for Corporate learning and Development
Criminal Mind
Criminal Mind is a gamified Problem Solving & thinking Skills  program. Participants are challenged by “The Joker” who is an effective and typical logical thinker and assigning mysterious missions to them.
River Pool
River Pool is a gamified team building & Communication program, designed to achieve the desired learning outcomes and allow participants to get involved into an overwhelming healthy learning environment.
Through an exceptional experience full of joy & challenging milestones where players are encouraged to rescue their mentor & supervisor using their negotiation and sales skills.
The ultimate goal of this game is to introduce the idea of sustainability into our players' minds through a very interactive learning simulation. Our players would learn how to think to get more sustainable solutions for our daily problems. During the Game, players will effectively get introduced to worldwide SDGs placed by United nations. Kesho means “Tomorrow” in Swahili Language, a gamified sustainable development program
Kanson & Kaloon
Gamification of Learning Designer Certificate (GLDC) helps you to design a learning game and have the maximum learning outcome for your trainees/students with outstanding performance. A gamified and unique interactive game in converting learning programs into games.
Game Description: Learnoland is the a semi-virtual gamified learning process. (Gamified Learning & assessment & Behavior Change System) . The system of LEARNOLAND is designed to make the learning environment a better place to enhance the learners’ interaction and engagement and make the training room management piece of cake for trainers, Learners can see and keep records for their progress as well as learning & Development specialist through certain system, that has a friendly use interface.
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